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Paul R.Robinson aka PR is who I am and with that, I say welcome to my Entertainment network know as WPRP. "World Paul Robinson Production" I have been asked just what does WPRP stand for. Well there you have as I reveal it for the first time. As a child and then a young man growing up in an era where music was the foundation of our entertainment I quickly became interested in the entire package from song writing,poetry,lyrics,vocals the whole show and how to be an entertainer. The gretes influence in my life was growing up on the east side of Detroit in the Mid 60's,when there was only so many radio stations one could listen too.CKLW broadcasting out of Windsor Canada was the only 24 hr radio station one could listen to late at night. WGPR was the first black owned radio station in detroit and they truly gave us a truly needed outlet for the music of our genre. Two Groups that made the local scene were ,The young Sirs and the fasanations both were my neighbors from my experence in growing up in the PARKSIDE HOUSING PROJECTS.Parkside yesterday,today and the future will allways be forever!

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Welcome to WPRP Radio your smooth jamming High energy Radio Station. We make no guarantee's that you will come back to visit us again,however we Promise to make your visit one you won't soon forget. We Play the Music your like to hear from Old School,Throw Back,to Classic R&B,POP,Soft Rock,Jazz,and everything in between. Hosted by Paul Robinson aka PR...WPRP ROCKS....Logo Design by FlamingText.com
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