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About the Station

Our station is designed especially for the youth that have the desire for music although adults are welcome as well. We have specific guidelines and assignments for our participants that are interested. We are a non profit agency that makes a difference!

About dj rock

My name is Archie Moore and I have three wonderful kids: daughter 22, son 20, and another son 17. I am the Founder and Director of a Therapeutic Skills Training and Mentoring Agency called Young Minds of Awareness. Before my journey with YMA I was a Substance Abuse Counselor and I continue being a Foster Parent after 10 years. I was born in Aurora, Illinois and raised in Danville, Illinois. We moved around frequently when I was a youth and I spent a good amount of time taking care of my disabled brother and looking out for my little sisters. We all had our parts of caring for my brother and eventually I found some interest with the street life while in high school. I found different ways to make money and getting in fights for ridiculous reasons although it was part of survival where I'm from. Honestly part of my childhood was good and memorable with my cousins, siblings, and childhood friends. I did eventually get away from most of the street life by utilizing my outlets with sports,art, working, and music which is part of the reasons I do what I do. I know that I fell off track due to learning negative behaviors, poverty, environment, and poor choices although I was able to get back on track through support, determination, willingness, utilizing my strengths, and detaching from negativity. I will probably continue giving back what I know until God calls me home because he has given me this gift to share. Good leaders create more leaders... I hope the leaders follow that. Staying Humble -

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