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YouRapture.Com Christain Dream Radio for today's great Christian music. Playing the number one hits of today and yesterdays.

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DJ JP for You Rapture website a Christian Organization; Its the hope that you will enjoy the music and also come and see the videos of people that have had rapture dreams at our website. Love the word of God and Jesus and love to talk to others about the coming of Jesus.

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You Rapture is a Christian Organization, and it is doing what the others in the news media are not doing. In the last ten or last years there has been a flood of people from around the world reporting and talking about their dreams and visions of the rapture and in the last couple of years there has been a great increase of these dreams and visions. Yet, the main stream media from around the world have really not care or has put very little attention into the increase of these dreams and visions. We do understand it’s just dreams and visions and in our times most people don’t understand the important of dreams and visions as they did when Jesus walked the earth. If you believe in the word of God then you need to also believe in what the bible is saying, such as in Act 2:17. However, the media should be warned to paid hard attention when so many are dreaming almost the same dream and many are also having almost the same visions. We believe it is time for the media to wake up and notice that something is happening around the world.