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ZYDECO MUSIC - ZydecoMusicRadio.com 100% Free Zydeco Music Social Network Traditional Creole Zydeco & Zydeco Nuveau. High energy Zydeco dance music 24/7 Beau Jacques Boozoo Chavis Buckwheat Zydeco Clifton Chenier Keith Frank Step Rideau Zydeco Joe Eh Toi

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Zydeco Music is a world-wide sensation. Fans love Zydeco because it is a strong root music that just makes you want to dance. The more you dance, the more you need to drink, which leads to more dancing. Zydeco music lives. The Zydeco culture is alive and well, not only in the local Louisiana area but also through the millions of loyal fans and countless displaced Creole descendants scattered around the world. Come join us in celebrating Zydeco music and the creole culture in its most exciting form -- the wildly addicting dance music called Zydeco. The Zydeco Music Radio Social Network welcomes you to come on in. Listen to streaming traditional Zydeco music and view special video events. Get the latest news from the area. Find out where the best bands are playing. Start your own fan club for your favorite artist. Open a discussion about Zydeco music, food, festivals and more! It's no accident that we launch this site on Mardi Gras day, February 24, 2009! Y'all come on in. ZydeJay Zydeco Music Radio Director of Zydeco Music Promotion Louisiana Music Radio Network