Using Studio365 Mac Loader
Version 1.5.1

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  • After you install Studio365 Mac Loader, a Studio365 Mac Loader icon will appear on your desktop. Click on the desktop icon to launch Studio365 Mac Loader. Log in with your Live365 username and password, you should now see this:

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  1. Once logged in, your broadcast format will be automatically selected for you to match your format on the Live365 website. Do not change this setting in the application.

    Ideally, you should set your format once on the website when you're a first-time broadcaster and leave it in the setting. Switching formats after you already have some tracks uploaded may cause errors resulting in dropping listeners.

    (Change your format on the website.)

  2. In order to add tracks to your online locker, click on the Add button to add your MP3s.
  3. Highlight the files you want to upload. Hold onto the command button to select multiple files.
  4. Click "Upload Tracks" - You can view the progress in the progress indicator window.
    • Make sure you're connected to the Internet for the duration of the uploads.
  5. After the files have been converted and uploaded, they will appear in your MP3 library.
    • Exit when you're finished to close Studio365 Mac Loader. Go to the Studio365 page to edit or create your playlist. When Studio365 Mac Loader transcodes your MP3 files, the converted copies go into a temporary folder before they are uploaded. "Temp folder" will let you specify which this is.

    You would use this along with "convert only" feature which will let you batch convert your files without uploading them, placing them into your temporary folder.

Other Notes

  • Upconverting lower bitrate files to higher bitrate targets is not permitted (for example, you cannot convert a source file that has a 32kbps bitrate to a 128kbps bitrate target.
  • There may be errors in the conversion and upload of some files. The counter at the bottom displays the number of errors. You can check which files had errors by clicking the "Log file" button and try uploading them again using Studio365 Mac Loader or the Web Upload option.
  • Note on Track Upload Bitrates
  • If you have any problems, please please consult our knowledge base.

System Requirements

  • OS 10.6 or greater (Snow Leopard and up)

Studio365-Loader Features

  • Upload multiple files quickly and easily to your Live365 online locker.
  • Optional normalization on upload.
  • Easily switch between multiple accounts for simplified management.
  • Unicode-ready.
  • Supports mp3PRO.
  • Convert MP3 files to a format specified by you.
  • Optional "convert only" mode can transcode files on your Mac for later upload.
  • Log file report for batch mode.

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