August 2012
  • August 2012 - Live365 Launches Dedicated iPad App Delivering Thousands of Radio Stations to Popular Tablet Devices (html)

June 2012
  • June 2012 - The Brett Winterble Show Launches on Live365 (html)

May 2012
  • May 2012 - Live365 Partners with Livio Radio and Inphodrive to Bring Thousands of Radio Stations to In-Dash Automobile Systems (html)

April 2012
  • April 2012 - Live365 Releases Multi-Platform Player Bringing Thousands of Curated Radio Stations to Computer Desktops (html)

March 2012
  • March 2012 - Radio Lily Launches Live Radio Broadcast on Live365 Featuring Music to Complement the Flavor of NY's Miss Lily's Jamaican Restaurant (html)

January 2012
  • January 2012 - Live365 Announces Release of Independent Artist Broadcasting Package (html)

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