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No Ads

Enjoy thousands of Live365 stations created by real people with no commercial interruptions. No more annoying pop up or banner ads, just you and your music anywhere you go.

Ultimate Access

Explore 7000+ unique stations in 260 genres of music and talk created by real broadcasters and music lovers. Receive the VIP treatment with ultimate access to every station that is "full" or "sold out."

Personalized Recommendations

The more stations you save, the more we tailor recommendations based on your musical tastes. Your presets will sync to your favorite devices wherever you go.

Listen on Multiple Devices

Go anywhere with our Live365 mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android or listen in the comfort of your home with devices such as the Roku, Kindle Fire, TiVo, WDTV and more.

Exclusive Desktop App

Compatible with Mac and Windows, the simple desktop player allows you to easily add or access your presets, navigate through stations, and see what's playing, without the need to open a web browser.

Support Artists and DJs

Live365 supports the artists and DJs who make our radio network possible. Your favorite broadcasters get a portion of your subscription fee and artists get paid royalties for the songs you hear.

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"Upgraded to VIP...best thing I ever did! :))"

"The BEST internet product ever!!!"

"Absolutely wonderful set of stations run by nerds for nerds like me who are too lazy to put together their own mixtape...the stations I have chosen are DEEPLY SATISFYING"

"Finding your station has been a gift to me.
Now I can listen at work and at home

"Live365, You make my day go so much faster! Your VIP package is fabulous!"

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